Our Services 
Our consultants work with organisations to deliver appropriate governance outcomes through ensuring compliance with: 
  • industry-specific laws
  • accreditation standards and
  • community expectations of safety, risk management, probity, transparency and accountability.  
We have a wealth of experience across a variety of safety- critical industries including aviation, rail heavy vehicles and health and aged care.
I addition, we have worked closely with numerous government agencies to realign their risk frameworks, strategic directions and policies in order to more appropriately oversight and service their respective industries.
How we work 
We use our subject matter expertise to analyse organisational and individual risk and compliance, and deliver business innovation and strategic planning.  We also work with organisations who may be subject to regulatory and/or administrative action.  
We assist in the development of business practices that support the:
  • identification and mitigation of risk, and
  • development of systems and assurance processes to ensure continuous improvement.

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Resources and News

Redwand Consulting co-sponsored the Quality in Aged Care Conference where Criterion Conferences partnered with COTA and ACSA. Here are our latest resources on dignity of risk vs duty of care, decision making capacity and communication barriers.

On 24 April 2019, the Australian Work and Family Policy Roundtable released a report recommending the development of benchmarks that recognise the positive correlation between a robust regulatory framework and the quality of care residents receive.