The following recent information may be useful in considering your organisation's exposure to risk, liability and regulatory intervention. 


Communication & Aged Care Quality & Safety

Forming the foundation of the eight new aged care quality standards is Standard 1 - Consumer dignity and choice. Consumer-centric care hinges on consumers being provided with access to information and to communicate their decisions.  Speech Pathology Australia has identified 95% of persons in aged care facilities have at least one communication impairment.  Under the new standards, aged care providers will be required to demonstrate that consumers with communication disabilities are provided with individualised communication access and inclusion strategies to indicate their choices within a consumer-centric care model.  Speech Pathology Australia has produced an informative video - 'Communication Matters'.


Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety - Interim Report

​On 31 October 2019, the interim report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was tabled in Federal Parliament.   The report found the aged care system does not deliver uniformly safe and quality care and has neglected the needs of Australia's older vulnerable citizens.


Recommendations for Benchmarking Quality of Aged Care

On 24 April 2019, the Australian Work and Family Policy roundtable, a research network of 32 academics from 17 Australian universities and research institutions, released work, Care & Family Policies Election Benchmarks 2019 ahead of the federal election on 18 May.  The evidence-based report recommends the development of benchmarks that recognise the positive correlation between a robust regulatory and accountability framework and the improvement of the quality of care residents receive.