Compliance and Risk Management

Risk Management


Whilst most organisations have some risk management practices in place many would struggle to truly demonstrate that they have genuinely identified and managed their risks in a formal and structured way. Do they have an appropriate framework to measure and prioritise risk? Have they effectively communicated with and to those impacted by their activities? Can they demonstrate that they have assured themselves that processes in place are effective in mitigating the risks?


The landscape of organisational risk management is changing, with significantly more emphasis on risks to the individual. Queensland is the first state in Australia, with others to follow, to enact WH&S legislation to impose criminal liability on organisational board members and executives who fail to protect employees, clients and the community from harm.  


Our consultants offer services to organisations and their leaders to identify, understand and manage risks.  We assist organisations to embed integrated processes to identify and eliminate, mitigate or transfer hazards, or their associated consequences, that would cause adverse impacts to organisations and individuals. 

Regulatory Compliance and Assurance

Maintaining regulatory compliance and accreditation is often complex and can consume significant resources if appropriate mechanisms are not in place.


Organisational, community and regulatory responsibilities should not be disparate activities nor burdensome, and yet many organisations struggle with this essential task. 

We have extensive experience in highly regulated industries including aviation, health and transport, and have developed proven structures and processes that will provide assurance to your organisation, executive, Board and respective regulator.


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Safety Management

Many organisations focus on meeting their statutory and regulatory compliance requirements. Which they should. Legal and regulatory compliance, however, does not always result in achieving a desired safety outcome for either their employees or their clients.

Safety Management Systems (SMS) are recognised as the most effective way to integrate the management of safety and associated risks with compliance and business practices. We work with clients to develop and implement an SMS that is proportionate, practical and effective in an operational environment.

Audit and Investigation are essential components of risk and safety management. Done correctly, they are neither complex nor resource intensive, while providing both internal and external assurance and confidence that your systems are working effectively from both a compliance and safety perspective. 

See our brochure on safety management systems.

We provide education and training in risk and safety management


Education and training are key elements of risk and safety management, not only in regard to how employees undertake tasks but also in regard to the management of risk and safety.


No matter the size or complexity of your organisation, the processes and methodologies for managing risk and safety require integration across all aspects and activities. The more people who understand and accept their responsibilities, the easier the task of managing organisation risk.

We can analyse competencies and capabilities at all levels of your organisation, and deliver bespoke education and training in risk and safety management.